Dear Mr Rajeev,

On behalf of the Navy Foundation, whose members are all retired officers of the Indian Navy, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks and our great admiration for your frank  letter of 25th August to the Prime Minister on the subject of Salary hike for MPs and the issue of ‘one rank one pension’ or OROP for  ex-servicemen.

If I may be permitted to say so, that the letter was a brilliant piece of analysis of decision making by the government. You have put forth in such a logical and succinct manner the double standards being followed. The recourse to refer any issue to a committee of bureaucrats when the government does not want to take a decision is what is affecting many issues of governance including OROP for ex-servicemen. As you have so rightly summed up ‘the bureaucrats have acquired great abilities for obstructive conduct’.

We are grateful to you, Sir, for repeatedly taking up with the Prime Minister and at other fora the injustices to ex-servicemen and denial of OROP. Your decision to forego your salary hike as an MP till OROP is resolved has won our hearts and deepest gratitude. It is heartening to know that there is at least one MP, who has the welfare of those who have silently and selflessly served the nation in peace and in war and who now appear to have been conveniently forgotten. We believe in the power of one and even though you are an Independent, you are on so many Standing and Consultative Committees of the Parliament and we repose full faith in you..

We once again thank you for taking up our cause and salute you for your ideals and principles in fighting the obvious double standards in governance. There are not many like you in the country.

With warmest and heartfelt regards,
Vice Admiral Harinder Singh (Retd)


Dear Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar,

Every Veteran and Every Serving Person (who will one day be a Veteran) will profoundly thank you for your very well crafted, inclusive letter of 25 Aug, to the Prime Minister.


Rear Admiral BR Vasanth (Retd)

Dear Shri Rajeev : Namaste
By writing to the PM on raise in MPs salaries vis a vis
One Rank One Pension issue kept hanging for long,
you have shown that you are a conscientious MP.

You must also take larger issues like Nuclear Deal,
BRAI, GMO which will affect the generations to come.
This PM is selling our great country in Chor Bazar
and he has to go.

Will appreciate your response.
Dr. Leo Rebello

V Natarajan
(Ex IIT-KGPian; Rtd Head of  Deptt/Deputy Director General, Airborne Mineral Surveys & Exploration Wing,Geological Survey of India, Bengaluru)

Dear Hon MP (RS-Ind) Shri  Rajeev Chandrasekhar,

I have the honour to introduce myself through this email to your kind self.

At the outset, on behalf of several Defence Pensioners and also Civil Pensioners (including the Family Pensioners) of  Forums/ Associations with which I am actively associated, I convey our deep sense of gratitude for voicing the OROP issue in unambiguous terms and above all for the most unparalleled gesture of declining the proposed hike in the Salary of the MPs with utmost grace and dignity. We look with great admiration and respect at one of our young MPs who can set a “great precedence” for values and ethics among the politicians and bureaucrats in the current Modern India. We sincerely wish you a long and fruitful future in the challenging Role you have preferred in addition to the activities that may be related to your brilliant Academic and pioneering Professional achievements.

2. As a Senior Central Govt Pensioner ( pre-2006;S29 scale- equal to Rtd Maj Gens/ Air VMs etc) and also as the Executive of the Pensioners’ bodies with which I am associated, I had been fighting the issue of Injustice that has been meted out to the pre-2006 Civil and Military pensioners while implementing the CABINET decision on “Revised Pension” as per the  Core Recommendation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission’s Report at para 5.1.47.

3.The Injustice has been caused by the Deptt. of Pensions & Pensioners Welafare/ Min of Pers.,PG & Pensions” itself through a set of OMs. Their Original OM dated 1st Sept 2008, though somewhat in order (little manipulated) , their subsequent so-called “clarificatory” executive instructions/ orders through OMs dtd 3rd and 14th Oct 2008 (with Tables/ Annexures)  resulted in substantial reduction in “Basic Pensions” of pre-2006 Civil and Miltary pensioners (mainly Commissioned Officers whose Pension Rules are almost same as the Civilian Officers- and they are not covered by the PBOR related revised pension orders obviously -being Officers).( All OMs of DOPW are available in the DOPPW’s official website “Pensioners Portal”; Link for OMs:

4.Reason for the denial is the “diabolic” lower level “bureaucratic” action of “MODIFYING”  the original expression of “MINIMUM OF THE PAY IN THE PAY BAND” in to  “MINIMUM OF THE PAY BAND”  under the garb of “Clarifications” (DOPPW’S OMs of  3rd and 14th Oct2008) for reckoning the pre-2006 Revised Basic Pension. Higher level Bureaucratic scale pensioners (S30 to 34) were not affected as they were outside Pay Bands. For others, the “Common Minimum” of the Pay Band became the Basic Pay component for reckoning the Basic Pensions. Thus,  the pre-2006 Higher Scale Pensioners were made to get reduced Basic Pensions equivalent to that of a the Lowest Scale Pensioner in the same Pay Band!. For eg, Pre 2006 S29 pensioners lose Rs 3650 pm wef 1.1.2006 and it has now become more than Rs4926 pm wef 1.1.2010 (will cross Rs5293 pm soon).

5. As a result GROSS ANOMALIES have resulted in the Revised Pensions of pre-2006 pensioners. All our appeals have been dismissed en masse by “diabolic” actions of BUREAUCRACY who do not want to admit their erroneous actions. The National Anomaly Committee’s (NAC) arguments have been bull-dozed by the Bureaucracy in the two meetings held so far. No deliberations  are proposed on the pre-2006 pensioners’ issues by the NAC due to the rigid/ uncompromising stand of the “Official Side” dominated by the “Bureaucrats”.

6.Recently, Hon MP-(SAD-Punjab) of Rajya Sabha- Shri Balwinder Sigh Bhundar had raised the issue of “ANOMALIES” in the revised pensions of pre-2006 higher scale pensioners that has resulted due to the merging of the pre-revised pay scales into pay bands etc through his Question on 26th Aug 2010. A written answer was provided by the Hon Min of State (PP) Shri P R Chavan which is far away from TRUTH and perhaps it was “carefully and craftily” drafted by the “Bureaucracy”. IRONICALLY THE REPLY NEVER ADDRESSED THE MAIN THRUST OF THE QUESTION WHICH WAS DIRECTED ON “ANOMALIES IN REVISED PENSIONS OF PRE 2006 –RELATIVELY “HIGHER” SCALE PENSIONERS IN PAY BANDS”.

7.I attach a copy of the “APPRAISING LETTER” which is under despatch to Shri BSBhundar (his current email id-  is bouncing the letter) , for your information. It gives a summary of several  evidences of Govt’s faulty actions. I also attach a List of Cases that are in the anvil to fight out the “INJUSTICE” issue in legal venues all over the country.

8.A TIMELY - PROACTIVE- STRONG – DYNAMIC intervention BY YOUR KIND OFFICE  REPEAT YOUR KIND OFFICE  may save the trouble of long drawn legal battles- saving lot of Tax Payer’s money and valuable time of the Courts of Law/ Hon .Justices.



Respecred sri.Chandrasekar.

I am ex JUNIOR WARRANT OFFICER JAYARAMAN.R of IAF.Thank you for your support on the subject of ONE RANK ONE PENSION.In deed i have no words to appreciate you.There are many  ex servicemen MP's in the loksabha and rajya sabha but none have  opened  their mouth on this subject.Neverthless to say that allmost all the E S M are against this salary hike at a time when the legitimate demand of E S M 's O R O P.Kindly don't stop your demand until unless the O R O P materialised.Thanks a lot on my behalf and the entire community of E S M and their families.

Dear Sir,

I am an addition to millions of your admirers for your stand for defence forces veterans. Your attitude confirms that all is not lost. Acceptence of demands of peace loving people using peaceful means is becoming rare and rare. Your contibution to resolution of  defence veterans woes , as and when it happens,   will get recorded in golden letters.
With sincere thanks, Brig S C Arora (Retd).
Er.S C Maheshwari

Secretary (Railway)

Dear Sir,

 I refer with, respect, to your letter of 25 Aug 2010, to the Prime
 Minister, on the issue of OROP.

 While we the millions of elderly, share your sentiments. Please rest assured ,  we admire and are behind the few like you, who choose to stand up and challenge the might of  injustice.
Though the members of my organization are not the beneficiary of OROP, but right from day one we have expressed our solidarity with the war veterans as we staunchly believe, that any compensation is too little to match their devotion to duty & sacrifices

A.K.Subramanian, Chartered Engineer

Dear Mr.Rajeev Chandrasekhar,

Thank you for your sensitive and moral stand taken regarding the issue on OROP. Hearing you on the subject was like a breezy tune in the otherwise meaningless cabal of our present day political scene.

As a retired DRDO scientist  and suffering from pay fixation anomalies after the VI Pay commission, I can understand the feelings of my Service brethren and you have raised your
 (lone but firm ) voice against the injustice meted out to them,

How I wish that there are many more to your honest tribe.


Dear Sir,

I refer with, respect, to your letter of 25 Aug 2010, to the Prime Minister, on the issue of OROP.

While we the people, the hapless( and helpless) millions, share your sentiments and righteous indignation, as regards, government's apathy-dictated by political expediency and bureaucratic mis-directions, please rest assured Sir, that we admire and are behind the few like you, who choose to stand up and challenge the might of injustice.

I am not a beneficiary of OROP, but have been following all the issues arising out of the 6th CPC,very closely from the time of the acceptance of its recommendations by the Government. The self serving manner in which it has been handled by the babudom, that controls the country's governance today , is at once revealing and repulsive. I hold the well founded belief that the apex body of Babus, have effectively hijacked, the noble and legitimate concept of the OROP, to further the interests of  a top rank civil service

section,by singling out the Lt.Generals and equivalent only and on their  pretext, stunning them with a bounty  that, themselves, they least expected be  One has only to scrutinise the recommendations of the OROP committee under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary ( to which the Hon. Prime Minister  refers for his denials of the OROP )My attempts through RTI,  to bring out the fallacy of granting a separate higher scale to civilians in the rank of Addl Secretary,on the plank of OROP( and in the absence of any such recommendation by the pay commission )and its obvious linkage to the lowest level below  which no member of the IAS is likely to retire, have been firewalled by authorities concerned and involved.!

The lightening speed with which this singled out recommendation has been accepted and implemented right through to pensionary benefits,as against years of delay in finalising OROP and legitimate demands on the civilian side, leaves the nation in no doubt as to the kind of stifling iron grip, our governance has fallen into.

Sir, that we are still a democracy, in name and fame,if not in the Government's game,is because of a few principled and fearless leaders like you. Your noble gesture may go unnoticed by the politicians and the Babus who control them. But we the people, have noted with  admiration,

Yours truly,
PK Ranganathan.

Dear Mr Chandrasekhar,

On behalf of thousands of veterans I salute you for taking up the just cause with the Prime Minister. With your sound and forth right arguments and the Marshal of the Air Arjun singh stating the obvious on the National Television few days ago,  we hope the the PM  does some thing. If he does not move it is a clear signal that he has no respect for the men who give their lives and the best part of their youth to safeguard the interest of the nation.

I will request you to not to give up the cause. I know it is not easy to deal with our system.

Last but not the least the Nation which deals with its veterans and soldiers in such a shabby manner does not remain  a "nation" for very long.

Gen Khanna.


Dear Mr. Chandrashekar,
It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I write this to you. One does not come across many MPs who have a deep regard for the Armed Forces. Maybe I am privelaged to get this opportunity now. God be praised that the Members of Parliament of the Indian polity are becoming more aware and in all honesty are more educated. The OROP which the Armed Forces have been striving to get seems to always get blocked. If I may say so I feel that there is need for the MP of today to accept and call a spade a spade. It is obvious that the beauracracy needs to be reined in. It amy seem a big task but mark my words they are easily controllable.

Dear Honourable MP Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar,
I am 74 years old retired Major from Indian Army with 33 years of service.  To day I have been lucky to see in my life  one of the most honourable action by a Member of Parliament.  Congratulations Sir.  At least you had the courage to stand up and say that I will not draw the enhanced Pay & Allowances till our Jawans are given One Rank One pension.  If I am not wrong there are more than 800 MPs in Indian Parliament, but none of them did take a stand of that of yours.  I once again congratulate for your bold stand on a Principle. We all wish that we could have more MPs like you in the parliament.

Great injustice has been done in respect of pension of Majors who retired prior to Jan 2006.  We are sending an application to the Raksha Manthri soon.  We will endorse a copy to you for you information and necessary action.

Major Cherunny Chemmanoor (Retd)

Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP Rajya Sabha

Honb'le Minister,

We the Veterans are proud of you and thank you for taking up this legitimate issue of Ex-servicemen. Wish there were more like you. We do hope that you will be able to convince more MPs to join you in your efforts.

With best wishes and regards on behalf of All Veterans

Dear Mr. Chandrashekar,
I write this to convey my deep sense of appreciation for the letter you have written to the Prime Minister on the subject of OROP which has been agitating the minds of ESM  community for many years. It is also  a warm noble gesture on your part to have refused to accept the increase in emoluments given to the MP's recently,  till such time the matter of OROP is resolved.
 With warm regards,

>Honorable Shri. Rajeev Chandrashekhar:

I read your letter to PM with great pride in my mind that  a MP like you represents Indian people in the Parliament.   It is a sad irony that MP and PM are not just the alphabetical opposites, but are actually so in matters affecting interests of Nation.  Your commitment to decline the pay hike is an outstanding example of selfless service to less privileged  countrymen.  I have my doubts if those who are waiting to grab the booty will ever be motivated to follow your example.

You deserve a sincere and dedicated soldier's salute from everyone of us, and this letter is the one from me.

Col SK Paranjape, (Retired in 1989)

Dear Sir,
I salute u for your letter to PM fighting for our cause. I wish some more MPs like u raise their voice for us as this Govt is deaf but not dumb.Yesterday defence Minister had said that OROP will take time how much is any ones guest.
Warm regards,
Commodore Vijay Vaid (Retd)

Dear Mr Chandrasekhar,
      It is, indeed, with our most innate gratitude, that we wish to convey our THANKFULLNESS to you for your unstinted support to our 'Cause' of 'ONE RANK - ONE PENSION'.
     Let me confide in you by saying that EVERYONE of us Ex-Servicman ( ESM ) have deeply appreciated your Letter to the Prime Minister on this issue.
     It is, indeed, so very noble & thoughtfull of you to have written so forcefully as you have. We only hope that the Govt will  now 'sit up' & grant us our legitimate dues which have been 'dragged' into bureaucratic hassles since past 26 yrs.
    Our 'Indian Ex-Serviceman Movement ' - 'IESM' has set out to 'stand up' & demand for Justice to ESM. Over the past 30 months of our existance we have succeeded in bringing the problems & injustices to centrestage.
    Now, with the support of 'right thinking' political sources of power like YOU, we do hope that we will be able to get what has been due to us since ages.
    THANK YOU, Sir, for all that YOU have done. The 30 Lakhs (+) of  ESM in our country, as also their families,  will forever remain indebted to you for your thoughtfull kindness.
    Your refusal to accept the amoluments increased for an MP, is something which we appreciate as a rare gesture on your part.
     The IESM Salutes you, Sir, for your indulgence in our 'Cause'.

With Best Wishes fm us all
Yours affly
Major General A.J.B.Jaini, AVSM ( Veteran )

Dear Shri Rajeev Chandrashekhar ji,
Your letter dated 25Aug2010, addressed to the Hon'ble Prime minister on, inter alia,the vexed issue of OROP for Veterans is like a 'breath of fresh breeze' in an otherwise highly polluted environment.Your forthright plain speak & sagacity evident in the tone and content of your letter does confirm to me that there are fellow Citizens who can be relied on to see & say things as they are without bias or hesitation.
2.It gives me much hope that however bleak & hazy the horizon may appear, people who have a clear vision would still fix the right direction to move in.
3.There are very many 'burning problems' our society is facing today.Should you care to hear, I would send you my concerns in the days ahead with the hope that you may find time & inclination to go deeper into.
With warm & sincere regards,
Commodore C D Pereira (retd)

A friend from Chennai sent me a copy of your letter. Thank you for speaking up and showing a commitment to values.

K P Fabian

Former Ambassador to Italy

Dear Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Thanks a million for your sincere and honest support to the cause of Defence Forces. We salute you for your conviction and decision to deny pay hike of MPs to yourself till such time One Rank One Pension demand is accepted. God Bless you. Please accept our gratitude and sincere appreciations for the bold and forthright letter you have written to the PM. We sincerely hope the PM also does soul searching within and the OROP is granted to the Defence Forces sooner than what Mr. AK Antony the Hon’ble RM had stated in the Rajy Sabha yesterday.

We wish a few more MPs join you in projecting the cause of Defence Forces.

With Regards,
 Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM<

Bravo Rajeev!
I had always expected such a daring and hard hitting action from you. Alas your rightful worry, so succinctly brought out, will NOT be understood, let alone appreciated, by our politicians who are so thick skinned. They would not own up their grevious blunder  unless they get a hard one on their back side. I hope and pray that the hard one is not delivered by our "Friends" across the border.
Brig  Bhat (ANIL BHAT)

I have the honor to submit following for your kind perusual  please. I was an Indian Citizen and served Indian Armed Forces for 16 years. Now settled in Australia. In recent past ie, few years I am observing the demands made by the retired service personal for OROP. I have also read that, the President of  India, Prime Minister of India, and the Finance Minister of  India is stating that, the OROP has been accepted. But nothing happend in practical  May I bring following few lines to your kind notice please.  I really dont know whether this will really reach to you or  find its way to dust bin/recyle bin by your office staff. If  it could read by you and necessary remidial steps are taken,  this will help long way in sustaining our country.

 I have the opportunity to work with US Navy, British Navy  and even Pakistan Naval People. There govts are always  supports the armed forces.

 I was really afraid when the Service Chiefs have rejected  and refused to implement the 6th pay  commission  recommendation. Thank god, The India is a great country with  its democracy and intigirity of the armed forces. If this  was  happend in Pakistan or any other county an army  take over was imminent. God saved us from that disaster.

Plese be noted that, it is not the condition which was 5 years or 10 years before. Now all soldiers are well updated  of the happenings. They read the updated news through media  and net. The information techonology is so developed they  can understand everything. When 15 years before, I could not  read even news paper for 6 months when we were out at sea.  But now this is not the senirio. Any act/ill treat against the  verterns are carefully, observed by the serving defence  person. We cannot afford to have a situation where the army  persons decide to be in the barrack for even for an hour. If  they decide to do this, as you aware this will bring  ireversable consequence to the country.

 I am writing this, in response to the recent reply by Hon  Defence Minister in Parliament and the aligation by  Ex.Captain Devar to the Media. What I understand from net  and blogs that, the service is upset and distrubed by this.  In order to sooth this wound, the following remidial actions are recommended.

 1. The AICC Spoke person on defence Mr. Ex Capt. Devar to withdrawn immidiately. A capt in army is very Junior rank and the officier who retired on the rank of captain may not have served more than 10 years. This is too small to be in such responsibel position. Please appoint some one above the rank of Brigadiar and assisted by some on in the rank of Subaidar Major or equ.
  1. 2. Constitute a   committee, comprise of  retired/serving defence officers and JCOs and a civilian    preferely a Supreme court Judge to conduct a  feasibility study on OROP.
3. In 5th CPC service headquarters has requested for  granting gazetted officer status to Junior commissioned  officers. The pay commission has rejected it saying that,the  commission recommeds to remove the gazetted status to all  civilian staff hence the request is not considering. The  recommendation made by the 5th pay commission to  remove the gazetted status to all central govt employees  were not accepted by the goverment and continued the status.  Since the pay commission has not recommended for granting Gazetted  status the Junior Commissioned Officers, they  were  remained in non gazetted status even though, their  appointment order is issued by the president of Indian and published  in the gazeete of India and payment is equal to the gazetted officer. This brings lot of administrative constrains when Junior Commissioned Officers work together with civilian staff. Hence it is requested that, the Junior commissioned officers of all the three service be granted gazetted status.

3. Since OROP is not able to implement immediately, it may  be considered that, 50% of the elmounts ( basic pay + Grade  pay+ special pay+ MSP)of serving persons in the same rank be  paid as minimum pension irrespective of date of retirement  and length of service.*( This was recommnded by 6th pay  commission but while implementing the minimum parity, the  content was diluted by linking the total amount so reached  to 33 years service and reduced the pension on prorate  basis.) With out linking 50% of total amount reached (eg. BP  is 15000 + GP 5200 + MSP 6000 = 26200. 50% is Rs 13100) So  this will not bring much more financial burden to the  exchequer and it is inline with the one rank one pension.  Mean time The so proposed committe can look into  implementing OROP which the report can be submitted over a  year time.

 4. The order dated 08 March 2010 for bridging the gap  between, pre and post 2006 retiress issued to cover up the  wrong information given by the bureacrats to the Prime  minister. This order was issued antidated and prepared over  one night to save the image of the honourable PM in public.  While preparing the order, they missed out following.       a) The benifit was not given to widows. (if widows is neglected how  can expect a soldier to act sincerely when he is at gun point.  he will always try to escape and save his life. A soldier always  always comprmise his life for the safety and integrity of  country. Hence the benifit of this order should be extended  to widows also.

      b) The Government of India has removed the requirement of 10  month seniority in the rank   for granting pension with effect from Jan 2006. But the new order which is intend to bridge the gap between pre and post 2006 retires, and the date of effecting is after Jan  2006 ie July 2009, there is no justification again the 10 month requirement is included in this order. Therefore the   requirement of ten month service in the same rank mentioned in this order to be  removed. The pension is to be granted based on  the rank last held as made  effect from 01 Jan 2006. This will  help lot of ex  servicemen. This also a an action to sooth the reitired soldier. Which is not going to much impact on Exchequer. I humbly request the honory Government to intervene effectively to avoid a un warranted situation. where we  should not be regreted at the later stage and historians will write about missed oppurtunity to prevent it.

Wishing all the suceess to the Government under your wise leadership and wish to see India is prospering to a developed country.

Yours sincerely,
Jose Mathew

Dear Rajeev Sir,
A warm regard to you for the stand you took and wrote so strong letter to Mr. Prime Minister of India. Atleast with your action we feel that someone is there atlast who feels the pain of a common retired soldier of this big democracy!

May I take this as an opportunity to request you would be to spare a little time and interact with common non-commissioned military soldiers and veterans to know and, derive at certain formula whereby a level of parity can be achieved in regard to Pay and Pension difference between Commissioned officers and Men (non-commissioned) of The Indian Military (combat)Services. This is also a long pending problem lies with the heart of non-commissioned Jawans !

I once again salute to your token protest of forgoing your own salary till the time the " OROP " policy is implemented.

"Jai Hind" Yours faithfully,
Ex-Sgt Sudip Roy

BREMANAND Dear sirs,

I'm just (re)sending the trailing mail to the elite members of our blog rather than to '' with a request to reply on this to '' as you have wide range of readers / admirers of your mails / friends who take note of your mails. Further if any one of you is conversant pl make a mail with the trailing one as that of Green peace people does with signatures of people who endorse & forward to PM or whom so ever it moves.

I wish I could put out the largest flex hoarding in Tamilnadu with captions " I adore you Shri Rajiv Chandrasekhar..the future Prime Minister of India " & guess that would be a just wish that would be prayed to be a reality.

NB. Dear Subby I'm heading back to be an expatriate to do what I did the best earlier...building airports for rich Sheiks. Just can't get into the reckoning of corporates of conservative families who boast of an entity of a century old of dog eating dog business world. I'd cherish your support all along any way. Would call you befor I leave.

Best regards,


Respected Sir,

Greetings from a humble citizen of India!

I refer to your letter dated 25th August, 2010 addressed to our Hon. P.M. Shri Manmohan Singh with regards to the issue of Salary Hike to M.P.s against the long pending demand of "One Rank, One Pension" for the veterans of the Armed Forces of our Great country.

Sir, i am surprised and shocked at the contents of the letter especially when it comes from a sitting M.P. I am sure not many would concur to your thoughts and would mock you for the same. But, I can only imagine if atleast 20% of the M.P.s were to concur your thoughts then I am sure India will be a different country all together. I sometimes ponder if we had not got our independence from the British rule, we may have been a different country say like Hong Kong - much more forward and advanced than India. We Indians lack the basic civilised attitude (which amazingly comes alive when we visit foreign shores). Today we are living with a let-go attitude where what happens in Parliament is not of much importance as the Public Opinion is seldom looked up to.

Today India is being run by a bunch of civilised (some uncivilised) hooligans who in my belief are even more dangerous than the Britishers. I am sure Gandhiji soul must be burning seeing the plight of his homeland that too at the hands of its own.

Sir, I salute you for your thoughts and pray that more M.P.s start thinking alike.
God Bless You!

Warm Regards,
Neville Daruwala

Dear Rajeev,
Congratulations for your letter to the Hon'ble Prime Minister. I wish you had written to all other MPS .The right thinking MPS would have returned their increased emoluments as the debate in parliame3nt was hugely demeaning to the nation. I think the politicians have discredited themselves.The faster they do it the faster new systems will come in .I mean French revolution. Would it be possible for you to send me the E-mail addresses of all your colleagues as my mails keep bouncing.

Capt Suresh Chaudhry

Dear Chandrasekhar ji,

Let me first introduce myself to you. I am a veteran from Defence Forces (IAF), Gp Capt (Retd) Indarjit Jairath, age 73 yrs and settled in Delhi. I first met you in Delhi during IESM gatherings at Jantar Mantar area in 2008; the early stages of the movement of the IESM and subsequently during a procession launched from there to high-light the issues to the GOI and  draw public awareness of the movement. It is indeed a great pleasure to know you and the deep interest you are imbibed with for the  welfare of the Veterans.

I have now read your letter to the Honourable PM; this is in wide circulation among the veterans of the Defence Forces and the pride it has generated. I hope that it may eventually help in achieving our goal of OROP. I do thank you personally  myself and on behalf of the members of Club-20 for the action taken by you as an independent MP, member of Rajya Sabha;(Incidentally Club-20 is the group of retired technical branch officers of the IAF of the Technical Course No-20, who are all in the age group of 70yr and above and settled all over the Globe). We have yet to see similar action by other MPs.

My respected wife Mrs Nalini Jairath, who is presently in Bangalore and staying with our son Mr Pankaj Jairath, would like to meet you in person and convey our feelings for the action you have taken for OROP with the GOI.

With profound regards and good wishes for your long and healthy life,

Sincerely your's.

Gp Capt (Retd)

Dear Rajeev Chandrasekar sir,
We or very much thankful for your advocation to our Prime Minister with regard to grand of One Rank One Pension to Armed Forces Veterans. We appreciate and convey our heart felt gratitude to you Sir. We hope and beleive that day for Sanction of One Rank One Pension is very close to our Veterans.

Thanking you Sir
M. Manickam., M.A.B.L.,

Advocate/General Secretary

Dear Shri Rajeev Chandrasekar,
At the outset please accept my belated thanks & gratitude for supporting the veterans' cause.
Your decision not to accept the increase in your MP's pay till such time the veterans' demand of
OROP is granted by the govt.,is laudable & praiseworthy.Hope some more MPs make an effort to understand
why the OROP demnad & follow suit.
The sixth pay commission has made a mess of the defence forces pension structure.The rank pension
differential between the ranks has made a mockery of the forces' rank structure which forms the foundation
of the defence forces.This has adversely affected the competion for a higher rank,resulting in overall
functional inefficieny.One fails to understand as to why this has been done.Is this deliberate or ignorance.?
I suppose govt. would do little to re-examine this.So the answer lies in ordering a military commission,as agreed
by the govt.,immediately & not wait till 2016.
Thanking you again,Sir & with profound regards,
Brig.Jogindar Singh (retd.)

Respected MP Sir,
We are indeed are proud of you Sir, as a true Son of the Soil. We need more Independent Minded Leaders like you who alone could protect the DIGNITY of India by protecting the Dignity of the Soldiers.

With best regards. 

Brig. (Retd.) HS Ghuman, Shaurya Chakra---


Dr Manmohan Singh, Ji, Hon’ble PM of India.


Hon’ble PM Sir,

Please refer to our NGO’s Email of 30 Aug 2010 attached & Hon’ble MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar DO letter of 25 Aug 2010.

2.         All War Veteran NGOs of tri city Chandigarh (UT), Panchkula (Haryana) & Mohali (Punjab) including President of Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab & Chandigarh plus Col. Rajan of Bangalore (Chief Coordinator of Veterans Movement of 5 Southern States) highly appreciated the DO letter of Hon’ble MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar of 25 Aug 2010, which culminated into unity of all NGOs of Armed & Para-Military Forces, during a meeting held on 4 Sep 2010 at Chandigarh.   

3.         All War Veterans of the tri city are of the unanimously strongly view, Independent MPs & MLAs win Elections, based on Individual Merit with high sense of RESPONSIBILITY towards the Public, compared with those contesting Elections on Party Ticket who have doubtful responsibility towards the Public. Individual Merit has no place in Indian Democracy, same as selfless sacrifices of the apolitical Armed & Para Military Forces. We will ask each MP his stand on this issue individually.   

4.         We fully agree with MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar that the Govt. uses Bureaucrats to deny legitimate due to the Armed Forces. This is not the first time, the Govt. lower their own DIGNITY, by allowing Bureaucrats to sit on the judgment of the Union Cabinet decision, to deny Rank Pay to the Armed Forces. So much so, the Bureaucrats continue to disrespect the Court by not implementing the Rank Pay decision of the Supreme Court.     

5.         Request for independent investigation, to the Governor-cum President RSB Punjab of 17 Aug 2010, pertaining to anomaly of Rank Pay, never met success, nor arrears paid, because of double standards of the Govt. The Article 311 of the Constitution merits to be amended in Public Interest.  

6.         A Paper on Inter Service Relativity by Late Gen. Bippon Joshi; COAS, never saw the light of the day. As per Rules of Business any matter connected with two Departments; is to be decided by Public Representatives. The Govt. turns blind eye in all such cases against the National Interest since domination of one Department over the other is not in the best National Interest. Without proper Pride & Dignity, the Armed & Para Military Forces cannot give their best to the Nation.    

7.         The ‘Moily Panel Report’ recommending lateral placement for Armed Forces for profitably using their vast experiences, is gathering dust somewhere because it may cut into re-employment quota beyond 60 years of age of Public Servants. Does this not amount to disrespect to the Minister?    

8.         Come what may; we the War Veterans of Southern & Northern States are going to energize all Armed & Para Military Forces, their family members, to get registered in the electoral rolls at their place of posting, as ‘Ordinarily Residents’ under AIR 1971 SC 2123; supported by apolitical Veterans to collectively reject Political Candidates who continue to lower the PRIDE & DIGNITY of the Forces by allowing ‘group of secretaries’ to water down recommendations of the Parliamentarians.  

9.         There is a general feeling, all MPs have let down the Forces except for the Independent MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who believes in ‘Service Before Self’ which we admire whole heartedly.

Brig. (Veteran) HS Ghuman, SC

Respected Sir,
I have gone through the contents of your letter addressed to the Prime Minister on the above issue. I had sought premature retirement from the army in 1992 at the age of 42 and ever since have been self employed running training & development programs for corporate executives. I left the service as I felt I could contribute better from outside than within the organisation where my views and opinion mattered very little. As regards the issue of one rank one pension, I am a pensioner and honestly this really does not affect me much as I am a contended person thanful to God for the small mercies. However, on moral grounds, I find this entire issue rather humilitating and distasteful.Honestly, I am convinced that the MP's should be given the best of salaries , perks and facilities as they represent the masses but this then should also be reflected in the behaviour and commitment to the Country.  I have never met you but being an independent MP, I think you are the real representative of the people and to me you are a role model for the MP's because of your views and convictions.

I pray this country sees many more MP's like you.

Best Wishes & Regards
Major A K Naithani